Why when you import .FBX from Blender to Unreal engine 4 character bumps into an invisible wall?

What is the essence. I create a location for the game - underground tunnel. Not to create the whole thing, of course, decided to do modules. When you import into the engine wanted to see how my creation fits into the environment, what are the dimensions, etc., but in the end when you try to log inside the tunnel ran into an invisible wall.
Long puzzled how to get rid of it, tried to play with the settings Collision Responses, tried to break models on very primitive pieces - did not help. (According to my personal speculation, fbkh is saved as a transparent box with mesh inside, can be wrong, correct me, if that.)
Immediately say, that in all this I'm new, all I do is clean enthusiastical-drawn, so perhaps the question is elementary, but anything that could help, I could not find.
April 19th 20 at 12:01
1 answer
April 19th 20 at 12:03
The solution came by itself. Initially, in my understanding, "divided by primitive pieces" was divided into the arch part of the floor and an additional piece. The problem was solved when I divided the arch into small cubes that make it up, and then export them from blender, highlighting, but combining into a single mesh. In this form, the empty space is filled with invisible walls, when imported into the unreal appear as separate meshes, but when you highlight them all and move into the world they are located relative to each other. I hope someone will help.

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