How to make your IDE?

Good night everybody! Please tell me how to make your development environment? Is there any tutorials on the subject where you learn to create something like that? In Google nothing not normally found, for poorly understood
April 19th 20 at 12:03
3 answers
April 19th 20 at 12:05
Yesterday you asked Why do I need to put two brackets in an if?
Today on IDE swung. And OSes with funny Wallpaper as yet not conceived to do?

I'll tell you simply and without details it is difficult and you can't. Moreover, it is not necessary.
What is this task so why not fit the existing IDE?
April 19th 20 at 12:07
You do not need it. Good work all the same.
April 19th 20 at 12:09
Sense do not see.
Better - create a good optimizer available sources.

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