How to set "convenient" inserting html in a JavaScript string?

Hey all, started working on a different system unit, correspondingly configuring WebStorm other.
On the old system it was very convenient to paste html code in js. For example:
Need to insert html:
in javascript:
before copying, put in quotation marks, automatically substitute the symbols /n and +,
and padding, all automatically, for example:
Now, if you copy - paste it turns out:
have to manually to put down . . . horror.
Somewhere in the settings rather not remember, but at the earliest this box - he then asked and if not given the correct answer - trouble.
Can plugin what to put, I do not remember.
Settings tried to migrate from old system - not helping
Maybe someone knows . . . thanks in advance.
April 19th 20 at 12:03
0 answer

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