How to get MySQL query longer than 300 characters using set profiling?

Trying to get a PDO query with substituted parameters:
set profiling=1;
show profiles;

If more:
(new DB)->do('set profiling=1');
$result = (new DB);
$result->params = $this->params;
$result->addText = $this->addText;
$result->in = $this->in;
$result->save = $this->save;
$requests = (new DB)->many('show profiles');

It works, however, if the query is long, it displays only the first 300 characters.
Here it is written that it is set

But I did not understand where and how this can be changed? Googling it does not work. If it matters, the access to the database via phpMyAdmin as a server - XAMPP.
April 19th 20 at 12:10
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