How to remove related entities in one query?

Hello, I tried to remove the row from the table patr and the line with a reference key that refers to it
here is the table structure
Create table part(
 p_no integer primary key,
 p_name varchar(20) not null,
 price integer not null,
 color varchar(1) not null,
 weight integer not null
 create table cells(
 sno integer not null,
 pno integer not null,
 foreign key(sno) references supplier(sno),
 foreign key(pno) references part(p_no)

and the query that didn't work
delete cells as c, as part of p from s, p where c.pno = (
select p.p_no from p where p.p_name = 'Bearing') and p.p_name = 'Bearing';

Please explain why the query didn't work and that it needs to be fix, thanks in advance
April 19th 20 at 12:12
0 answer

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