MustHave plugins for wordpress?

Hello! Having begun his acquaintance with WordPress are faced with the fact that there is just an abundance of different plugins, including very similar between each other.
I want to hear the opinion of people with experience with WP, MB there is some MustHave set of plugins?
April 19th 20 at 12:14
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April 19th 20 at 12:16
Let's first define your role and your goals.

If your role - developer, it is must-have plugins are the ones that will facilitate your work - Advanced Custom Fields (preferably Pro), Query Monitor, Laps, etc., or a little blood to solve common tasks - Classic Editor, Disable Comments, Safe SVG, Enable Media Replace, and the like. By "low blood" meaning that they have minimal overhead, not doing anything extra and you are better still to write. Everything else they write themselves, forces from other developers, Tunis to suit your needs, and so on - over time, accumulate their own tools.

If your role is implementator (collect saytik on WP, but PHP does not know how), then the set of plugins will be different. Here it is fellow implementers will tell you which plugins are important, what needed.

If your role is the owner of the websitethat all he wants to do is closer to the implementers.

If your role - content to cut, and everything else is secondary - just select the plugins for the desired functionality and try to always keep in mind common sense - the plugin is tricked (more features, more customization, more pages in the admin panel, etc.), so it is usually slower. The more plugins the slower the site. So try to put only what is absolutely necessary and from the available options on feature choose the most lightweight. Ideally, test some, and choose one.

Now the targets. What do you want? To be able to quickly put together a website to test business ideas with minimum cost? This is one kitchen. That was quick and easy content site that can withstand serious traffic? It's a different kitchen. Online store? Even more. And in what niche this online store? Physical goods or digital? And the market local or international? This all will lead to different set of plugins. I think the point is already clear.
Quick and easy content site that can withstand serious traffic?

Exactly. Trying to choose between DLE and WordPress ohms. The first lot of ready solutions out of the box, but far fewer third-party solutions. - Cicero.Erdm commented on April 19th 20 at 12:19
@Cicero.Erdm, for DLE will not tell me he is initially not interested, we live in different universes. As for WordPress, it is all very simple:

1. WordPress itself out of the box fast.
2. Turning off unnecessary features can be further accelerated.
3. Some features need to change (for example to use a server CZK instead of wp-cron)
4. Caching on several levels:
- the code to use the mechanism of caching where appropriate
- object cache
- if you have authorized users and/or customization of responses (pages / blocks), then the fragment cache
- full page cache, preferably without the participation of PHP in General (for example nginx fastcgi_cache)

And get fantastic download speeds + actual imagine high-load.

And then everything else will depend on the concrete implementation of functionality (backend) and coding (backend). If you collect all the necessary features for light plugins or custom code, then even the primary rendering backend or dynamic queries will be fast. If laid out without a lot of heavy scripts and styles, without the constant repaints and going crazy is a 3-rd party scripts then the front will fly. - Donavon.Pouros commented on April 19th 20 at 12:22
April 19th 20 at 12:18
Here, I found a list of plugins that are used. Some of them are outdated, some are still working. For some, there are more good ones. And some just disappeared. Some very helpful and some can easily do by writing a few lines of code.

Akismet - the SPAM filter
CleanTalk - SPAM filter
Contact Form 7 (integration of Recaptcha) - feedback Form
Cyr to Lat - Transliteration (friendly)URLS
Classic Editor classic editor
TinyMCE Advanced - Advanced text editor
Use-your-Drive - (paid) archive File for WP Google Drive
WPML (wordpress multilanguage) - multilingual site
AdRotate - banner rotator
Yoast SEO - SEO, Sitemap, etc.
NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster - Crossposting
WP-PostViews - the number of hits records
WP ReCaptcha Integration - the recaptcha (now obsolete). There are analogues
Broken Link Checker - to check broken links
Better Search Replace plugin search and replace
TESTME - Plugin for creating tests (already outdated). There are analogues
uLogin - widget-authorization through social networks (like missing in repo, need of. site install)
WP No Category (WPML) Base removes the /category
WP Sitemap Page - HTML site map
WP-Ban ban users by IP, etc.
WP-Polls surveys
WP-PageNavi pagination
Slider Revolution - slider
User Submitted Posts - a frontend form for posting recordings
Woocommerce online shop
WP All Import plugin to import content
WP All Export plugin to export the materials
Oi Yandex.Maps for map, WordPress Yandex
Paid Grabber WP plugin-parser (like already not working out)
TablePress create table and import csv, etc.
Visual Composer (visual editor). Then everyone chooses their own. Elementor, WpBakery Visual Composer and others.
Redirect Editor editor redirects
UpdraftPlus Backup plugin to create backups
MailPoet Newsletters create a mailing
Wordfence Security protection for the site
WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator
Menu Icons - the icons in the menu
Delete Duplicate Posts - remove duplicate records
WP mail SMTP the smtp server
Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce (reminder to the user about the availability of goods in the basket)
HTML Import 2 - already out of date. Was used to import html files as posts or pages
Bulk Delete bulk delete
Advanced Custom Fields PRO is a paid plugin. There is a free version (custom field)
Sream - logs of VP
Login LockDown - limit the number of login attempts
Redirections - redirect
Custom Permalinks - custom url
Autoptimize - site optimization
Above The Fold Optimization (already outdated). plugin for website optimization
WP Mass Delete plugin to delete articles and pages for a keyword, etc.
Quick Featured Images - mass assign thumbnails for
Search Regex - search database with regex (seemingly outdated)
Bulk Move - mass movement records, etc.
P3 plugin performance profiler - Profiler plugin
Title and Nofollow For Links - nofollow for links. You can do with simple code
YITH WooCommerce Badge Management badges for Woocommerce
Original texts Yandex WebMaster - adding articles in the "Original texts" Yandex
Disable Comments - disable comments
Update Image Alt Tag Attribute mass update alt for images
Image Watermark - add a watermark
BulkPress mass create records, rubrics and other terms for taxonomies
popup maker - the modal window
DB Tables Import/Export - import / export DB
Media Cleaner - cleaning library
WP Fastest Cache - site optimization
Media from FTP - can create media files in the library uploaded on the FTP
Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget widget "we in the social. networks"
Upload Media by Zip - download zip-media / unpacking
Auto Upload Images external image uploads and replaces the URl
WordPress Infinite Scroll — Ajax Scroll Load More Ajax loading of records
EWWW Image Optimizer - optimize images
FG Joomla to Wordpress migration Joomla to WP
Enlighter - highlight code
- Excellent!
Bob said and made them all myself and activated.

Stupid WordPress has slowed, staggered and fell... - chester.Rempel commented on April 19th 20 at 12:21
@chester.Rempel, why should they all be put. All depends on the situation. - Frances.Spink commented on April 19th 20 at 12:24
@Frances.Spink, but Bob greedy in isolation. The more plug-ins free.
And there are plugins for optimization optimization optimization plugins! - chester.Rempel commented on April 19th 20 at 12:27
My eyes twitched)) - Nayeli_Simon commented on April 19th 20 at 12:30
April 19th 20 at 12:20
Hello dolly
Holy Quran random verse Multilanguage
Nike+ iPod Stats

But seriously - there are no such plugins.
On one project SEO in-house - because all of these monsters (RankMath - have gone) just an extra brake why would I need an interface for one-time settings? To drive back and forth a ton of these settings autoload flag.
Caching plugins also depending on the situation and hosting.
Lazy loading and galleries with lightboxes and sliders and contact forms are often built into topic - what for still plug-ins to put?

So it all depends on the situation, not from the fact that there is a new website - "let me not looking vpendyurit to their favorite playnice"... It doesn't work.

I love the bright green - but this does not mean that every meeting and do not care on the subject of the appointment (wedding, party, funeral, business dinner) I will come to your bright salad tights

Here are the most popular so MustHave
About Hello Dolly got the point)))))
Really a must have plugin if is installed by default in VP :) - Frances.Spink commented on April 19th 20 at 12:23
@Frances.Spink, I would have it in the kernel at the core of stuffed)) - chester.Rempel commented on April 19th 20 at 12:26
April 19th 20 at 12:22
Must have:
1. The caching plugin (my clear favorite WP Fastest Cache)
2. For the convenience of working with meth and a sickle I use another SEO plugin (like RankMath)

3. Optimizer image + Lazy Load

Other plugins are used to implement certain specific tasks.
And remember, with few exceptions: fewer plugins means a faster website.
April 19th 20 at 12:24
To facilitate the development of complex projects using Advanced Custom Fields. I recommend to read it with the Pro version, which incidentally can be downloaded for free on the Internet. This plugin allows you to add flexible, a variety of custom fields and display them on the website.

I recommend to You, if You decide to develop for WordPress, get acquainted with the development of its themes, and then third party plugins You do not need. All the functionality You describe in skadate functions.php Your theme.
which by the way can be downloaded for free on the Internet

It is not necessary so to do for reasons 2m:
1. "Free" may well go with the "bonus" akdora.
2. Do you like it when you do client work, and you don't pay for it, because it does not consider it necessary? In adults taken for the paid services / products to pay, and not to steal. Especially for those who are your professional tool and help to make money.

I think it's time to introduce bans for advertising warez. - Donavon.Pouros commented on April 19th 20 at 12:27
For complex projects it is better not to use acf. Recently discussed this question that the complex sample meta from dB hang the engine. - Nayeli_Simon commented on April 19th 20 at 12:30

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