What equipment to choose for home mesh network?

I was faced with such a situation. The two-storey house has a home wifi network in the 2.4/5 GHz. The first floor covers the router connected to the wan on the second floor of the repeater. On the router (ASUS) connected a hard drive with shared access via network (smb), playing the role of a file server. And on a different drive (a USB flash stick 64GB) launched service transmission. I would like to install a mesh network instead of a bunch of "router+repeater".
On the Internet there are many articles on this topic, but they basically contain the principles of operation and if there is reference to particular models, it is difficult to understand what the capabilities of those routers to support external drives and launch applications.
Perhaps someone can suggest if not specific model, though, manufacturers that are worth paying attention to. I would've looked through the models of these firms.
In principle, if there is some alternative solution, such as a network hard drive with the ability to run applications on Board (not variant, like "old computer as file server"), then I would also come.
Thank you.

Maybe I'm a little protupil, but I have a ASUS RT-AC88U support AiMesh. Does this mean that I can solve the problem manually switch networks if the repeater will use the other router AiMesh? For example the ASUS RT-AC66U or similar.
April 19th 20 at 12:15
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April 19th 20 at 12:17
Put Mikrotik 951 models
According to the description, I understand that it's just a 2.4 GHz router. It seamless the network is not to build. In addition, there is no support for 5GHz (in fact, 2.4 is only an old laptop and printer, and a dozen other devices can work on the 5GHz band). - Reina.Prohaska commented on April 19th 20 at 12:20
@Reina.Prohaska, In a sense, seamless? Type k/v/r? Why is it you? You clients support it, by the way? Acidbeast in practice, not much worse.

I, for example, at the entrance Mikrotik RB3011 from him on the wire access point on the first and second floors.
Managed centrally with RB3011* using CAPSMAN. One SSID for the whole house. When moving from floor to floor, if the client does not realize to switch on primitively rule kicked "far" point. Sometimes noticeable as a brief, less than half sikanie when talking on voip at the transition between floors. Theoretically, if the pump on the laptop\phone large file with some ugly filtering service (someone is making in the age of torrento?), may with some probability to break the fix. In practice, no problems.

RB3011* can be easily replaced by a banal and cheap hap ac^2. As a TD I personally liked CAP AC.

In principle, about the same, but more userfriendly and less red-have ubiquity, but, afaik, there is centralized management of TD will have a separate device to buy, but at least krasnoglazaya. TRU bassovia and there, by the way, wasn't there when I last looked, hardly since then something has changed.

Meshi, IMHO, from the evil one. - vernon18 commented on April 19th 20 at 12:23
I agree on the "half sikanie"! :))
In the Internet I found a solution on Mikrotik-by-wire (model not remember). Unfortunately, I can't use them because the house is rented.
Thanks for the tip with ubiquity. There is also no support for drives, but for other parameters it is best that I found (price/quality). I guess I'll have to do a variant of a minicomputer for network folders. - Reina.Prohaska commented on April 19th 20 at 12:26
@Reina.Prohaska, I don't think You need 5GHz. On the other hand, vsmile same model, dual band

Mikrotik has a repeater mode. For the house should be enough

About mini PC - take a thread postelnik Intel NUC. Size it as a router, no noise. Drive at will pick up) - Gino commented on April 19th 20 at 12:29
April 19th 20 at 12:19
The main thing to decide - you have cheap or go?
If you want cool mesh network stores a bunch of routers with stickers - try.

If you need a quality connection - Pro mesh network and about the repeaters to forget as about a bad dream.
I have no way to lay a cable. On the second floor with the router almost never finishes the signal (20 percent, from the fact that, on average, on the first floor and near the stairs). Can you tell which I can have options?
Now I have a router under the stairs gives on the first floor, the repeater above it and distributes on the second. For stationary devices is not a problem, but for the laptop and phone there are nuances. For example, if you go to the second floor they don't switch themselves. Moreover, the device can cling to the network of another floor. Can be switched manually. but if there is a technical solution to the problem, why not use it? - Reina.Prohaska commented on April 19th 20 at 12:22
@Reina.Prohaska, Put a few access points between the points cable. The only way.
And repeaters clutter up the air, reduce the speed at least two times each.
Mesh network - a set of repeaters in nature. - Faustino.Huel13 commented on April 19th 20 at 12:25
April 19th 20 at 12:21
Buy two Keenetic'and one Extra and the second Air. In the first to connect to the Internet, and the second transfer mode signal extenders and all.
The desired mesh when you move a lot of territory that was painless switching between points, and if you have everything is in place - why is it needed?
This is what I have now.
My wife and I have on the laptop and the phone. Two children also with phones. We are constantly moving between floors. At the entrance from the street is first detected by the network router. The device is immediately connected to it and when you move between floors you need to manually off/on wifi. The wife of an online business and it is tied to voice and video communication over the Internet. As it may need to be on both floors, the current situation is extremely annoying (especially since it is not very "technical" person). And poor communication due to an improperly connected network goes sideways to me. If taken individually, each of the networks works fine. But when you move and have problems.
In the end, I would like to make sure that home wifi not demanded anyone's attention. Moreover, there is a solution. Sorry, I'm not a big specialist in this question and self-selection of equipment may be wrong. In addition, the vast number of solutions out of the box I need is not properties. That's why I asked for advice. - Reina.Prohaska commented on April 19th 20 at 12:24
April 19th 20 at 12:23
If you have wiring on the first and second floors are powered from one phase, we propose to consider PowerLine technology. In particular, the model MikroTik PWR-Line AP as "repeater". This will allow you to get away from the Wi-Fi bridge and associated inconvenience, as well as eliminates the need to lay new wires.

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