Why when you enable thread pool in nginx-vod-module stops working, the return of the files?

Did the other day HLS in nginx-vod-module, the problem appeared when I saw the increase in IOWAIT, notice that did not include the thread pool thread_pool, turned it on and immediately stopped to give the file .ts , m3u8 receive but do segments error server did not send. I climbed into the logs it's clean no bugs appeared.

The config itself

server {

 listen 1024;
 root /var/www/html/files/;
 vod_mode local;

 # Performance
 location / {
 vod hls;
 vod_performance_counters perf_counters;
 vod_cache_buffer_size 512k;
 vod_output_buffer_pool 64k 32;
 vod_open_file_thread_pool pool_1;
 aio on;

 location /vodstat {
 vod_performance_counters perf_counters;
 allow all;



Pool itself was created before the opening of the section http{
added thread_pool pool_1 threads=16;

If you remove the line vod_open_file_thread_pool pool_1; then all at once it works perfectly. What could be the problem?
April 19th 20 at 12:15
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