How to save the developer from burnout? And whether or not to save?

Good morning everyone!
I now work as a project Manager in the company with a fully distributed state. A couple of months ago we took a new mobile developer level middle and added to my project.

When developing mobile applications I'm using like this flow works:
  • The project Manager describes the task and provides all the resources on it - designs, API, description, validation, edge-cases
  • The developers decompositum received the task and set hours for the subtasks. Subtasks are arranged by the developers in the scheduler by day for the week ahead. On an average day is a task for 4-5 hours
  • If you work during the day, developers are given the conditions for concentrated work. Each developer has only one project. During the day, no more than one phone with the Manager for 15 to 30 minutes
  • At the end of the work week Manager looks up how much was made on the plan/fact

When working with a new developer I have heard several times the phrase about "burning out" about the fact that he gets tired of coding, and that he often has to stay after work.
These words I did not betray special value, because they believed that personal issues should remain out of work and that kind of stuff is strange to hear from a new employee.

But yesterday there was an unpleasant situation that I could no longer ignore. The developer has deleted my code for two days because he hated it and brought it to a standstill. On my questions why he did so, he began to refer to burnout, headaches, and that he is not getting enough sleep and suffer from insomnia. Removing the code led to the failure of the deadline for multiple tasks.

Developed by it for its level and decent in his early work he showed acceptable results. Despite fucapi timing and breaks, I would like to help him out of this state so he could continue to work productively with us. Moreover, the problem of professional burnout is common in IT and in the future I have to deal with such cases.

I would like to hear your feedback/stories about how you worked with these programmers? Were you able to bring developers into operation or have you had to dismiss such employees. And what should I do in this situation.
April 19th 20 at 12:16
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April 19th 20 at 12:18
A very interesting case. And it is not easy.
But first, something you have not in the organization of the project, if anyone can easily carry your code two days before the deadline. And the copies, and where the control removal?
There is a lot of work to do even without respect to the situation we are considering.

Secondly, the problem of "burnout" is a psychological problem. I have such problem when you work remotely across a time. And honestly, even with office work to cope with them is not easy - but then how would people in the mind, you can always talk on the couch, with a Cup of coffee. And on remote contact is much weaker, so I must say that the chances of success will be much lower.
You have actually to understand that once you - as an employer and as a performer, has made a decision about remote work - all the personal problems of the artist remain outside of your attention. You need to notify immediately. This is his fee, which he holds in exchange for the convenience of working at home. He needs to understand that this is not it, that you agreed that he would not spend time money on the road, on the presence in the office, on tying a tie and shoelaces, hard control hours, etc. "Burned" is not COVID-19 picked up, not a leg, falling off the couch and beloved cat was ill, got to go to the vet. "Burned? - well, go get it together on. Can't go to Bali, relax as you come back - give summary to free by the time a vacancy, then we will decide." Moreover, the project participant from new, and with new - it is always easier to say goodbye than with those with whom you've made a dozen projects. And after the tenth joint project I would have "burned out" - even suffered-would, giving the man a break. But if it starts on the second or third month of the first project?

One more thing. "Burned" is one case. "The officer blew his code breaking deadline" is completely different. Generally speaking it has caused you (your firm) damage the material. You and him talked about this? You explained to him that a missed deadline is a blow not abstract or abstract firm to the customer is first and foremost a blow to the colleagues working with him on the project. Possible deprivation of their prize. You asked him how he was going to compensate this damage? What did he say?

While writing, I realised that actually there is still has two different solutions.

First, if I just "burned out". There is a rule of management "handling the same important characteristic of an employee, his qualification". And no matter what "for good". Good, but unwieldy. You'll find another but future employment look not only at qualifications but also on his socio-psychological characteristics. Therefore, the algorithm - "interview - a clarification of the reasons - and if not - then goodbye."

The second is "removed code". After such a decision is clearly. Goodbye without financial compensation, without regret and without "excuse me please".

Well, something like that.
Good luck in solving the problem.
Answer the question about the organization of the code base. Is there a repository where developers can create and add your local code. In my case the developer has deleted my local branch. - asa.Heaney commented on April 19th 20 at 12:21
April 19th 20 at 12:20
How can you save him? This is purely a psychological problem (except that he's an asshole) and do she needs a therapist.
Failure of the timing and removal of code - fault mutual. It happened because "Every developer is only one project." You do not think that this game it might have something to happen? Gonna freak out like this, or a tram will move. Now you can think of. Must be another one who can quickly pick up the project. Remote code, I suspect, was just not sakimichan, otherwise it would be possible to restore history.
Conver - asshole, clearly. Somehow it quickly in a couple of months burned. They have that for 24 hours a day injected under the friendly Pat with his whip on the back? Unlikely.
I recommend fire because he tripped you and the company, and other who was forced to pull the project.
You misunderstood me. I wrote that the developer only works on one project and switch between projects there. In fact, the project has at least two pipeline if the operation can be parallel between them - asa.Heaney commented on April 19th 20 at 12:23
About nezakonchennyi code you pravelno understand - the way it is - asa.Heaney commented on April 19th 20 at 12:26
April 19th 20 at 12:22
1) About the removal of the code - the decision depends on the service, but, as far as I know, all (GitHub, ...) has the opportunity to prevent it
2) But even if I did code it's almost useless if the developer wrote it alone, not by the standards of the company, without code reviews.
3) As said, the burnout for a couple of months is very strange.

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