Can the unification of the basket and ordering affect the integration with B24?

Configured integration of orders from THEM in B24. The client wanted to change the look of the basket and combined checkout. I ruled only the templates for this, and the admin has disabled the do not need order properties, as the client wanted to simplify the design. According to the client once rolled out the changes to combat, stopped orders in B24. Come in admin area. I also changed the title of the property with FIO, F. I. O. in the Name at the request of the client, but in theory it shouldn't even affect, because the mnemonic code remained unchanged. Also I removed all the old personal folder with all its contents, as personal section, and so are not required and need only one page where the cart and checkout, and the new functionality is placed at /cart/. Components themselves I didn't touch, only templates. And I have a suspicion that basket and decoration has nothing to do with, as the orders come in admin area, and the idea they have there needs to go. Access B24 client does not.

1. Can these templates components influence the integration?
2. Can affect it disabling irrelevant properties of the design? Maybe B24 some mandatory properties specified?
3. Change the url and the cart and remove the default content folder personal may affect it?

April 19th 20 at 12:17
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