One woocommerce to connect to different sites?

Is it possible to have one site on wp c with the base of data of goods, and after to connect these products (and shopping cart) to various sites?
For example, there are wp on the hosting with the domain basecovering + there are three landing site (where conditions are better, where a customer has paid for years vperd...)
1 - 10 exclusive t-shirts
2 - sale of exclusive 20 shaktoolik
3 - selling an exclusive clip bent into various shapes
and so on...

so as not to turn each separate database to install and configure wp and so on.... is it possible to organize a piece of code in HTML+js binding to the primary database?
Let 2сайте there are three buttons by clicking on which is formed a basket when you click on that (go to registration), the entire basket is transferred to the site from the main data base(products) and then the user performs standard procedures of processing and shipping calculations, etc...

interested in in order to understand - is it worth it to dig this way and there are already ready solutions for wp?
April 19th 20 at 12:18
1 answer
April 19th 20 at 12:20
If only html+js, only the iframe which will crossdomain problems.

Something close can be done in nginx proxy-pass, or to write a php file that is using curl to get content from one domain to show in the right.

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