Why not find the template View [auth.navbar] not found?

Connected the admin area, trying to make a modification, but an error is returned:
View [auth.navbar] not found.
View [auth.navbar] not found. (View: C:\Users\sereg\Desktop\blog\vendor\laravelrus\sleepingowl\resources\views\default\_layout\inner.blade.php)


namespace Admin\Widgets;

use AdminTemplate;
use SleepingOwl\Admin\Widgets\Widget;

class Widget extends NavigationUserBlock
 public function active()
 return true;

 public function toHtml()
 return view('admin::auth.navbar', [
 'user' => auth()->user()

 public function template()
 return \AdminTemplate::getViewPath('_partials.header');

 public function block()
 return 'navbar.right';

April 19th 20 at 12:18
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