Explain where to dig for the implementation of the communication with the PLC Siemens?

I have a small job that connects p PLC Siemens 1200 and get him some tags. Writing on the GO. Began to look for ready libraries and found this.


I'm not an expert of the Siemens technology, I'm more from the world of CoDeSys\Modbus. This library implements Protocol S7. For me it was a discovery as I am about him that does not know. I thought that I need to implement PROFINET. So what I need?

One site possle studies I read

The S7 protocol is designed for transfering data into SCADA systems via Ethernet. The PROFINET protocol is used for communication between PLCs and IO modules.

It got me even more confused. So I need to use PROFINET and S7? It's supported by all Siemens PLC? Where should I dig and what Protocol you need to implement. I need my program was universalnoi and through network settings connect to any PLC Siemens, remotely.
April 19th 20 at 12:20
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