The script add a variable address?

Salute. Task: to add to the number of mikrotiks, etc addresses to the ip tunnel. The question of how to automate this? If it is known that, for example, - will address to -
ip address add address= interface=IP_tunnel network= .

Usually send a command to Mikrotik using powershell.

Maybe someone something like this done, please share the solution ))
April 19th 20 at 12:22
1 answer
April 19th 20 at 12:24
For You to write a powershell script? So it's not this, it's freelance.
Briefly: if you know in advance the IP of all mikrotiks, and know what command to give for each, and they are subjected to any rule (well, as resulted in example, one digit changed in the IP address), then it's simple - make a sign in excel/libreoffice and within the column the ip device, the second what to prescribe, well, if something changes and other parameters can be set in different columns. Export to csv file. Write a script that runs in a loop all lines from the file, splits on variables, and slips them into a team, well, still a good idea to check the availability of the device and log that worked correctly, no. All.
If a lot of devices, and they may not always be included, it is possible to sign even enter the parameter, which shows that it is a device processed successfully. And then the script on completion will make a new csv file, and the original submenu, and the next run will process only those devices that have not been processed. Periodically running the script, you can eventually catch all devices. But if they are always all available, it's not necessary enough time to run and then check the result.

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