As pravelno to form infrastructure for a project with online watching movies?

Good evening!

Now the project of the festival, which will show movies online.
Was the issue of infrastructure, how to ensure the normal user's experience that the process was as painless as possible both for developers and users who will be films to view.

We are on the project used with their hosting movies. He showed himself quite well, but in the end found one problem.
It is expected that day for the project will be about 500-800 hits, during the week, when the festival will be held. Traffic limit in flowplayer, 600GB.Given the fact that the average weight of the film, 2GB, goes for that day will take about 1TB of traffic, and therefore have on average per day to pay 100-150$ for traffic.
What is beyond the project budget.

Accordingly, the question arose of how to optimize this process, sohostel files somewhere on a different server.
The first thing I tried, just throw the files on your server, without any additional training. In General it works, but depends on the limits of bandwidth. About 15-20 simultaneous hits score the entire channel.

Then I tried to use a CDNthat, in General, gave a small increase - but globally strongly it became better not...

And that's actually, I understand that we are moving in some strange way and you can find some more optimal solution. Actually tell me where to dig that would make a project that will withstand such a load, not to reinvent the wheel.

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April 19th 20 at 12:24
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April 19th 20 at 12:26
take cheap Gigabyte-servak and do not worry. if one is not enough, then buy a few and allocate the load.
Cheap Gigabit can be taken hetzner
50 euros for Gigabit Ethernet is a standards issue.

Here you can buy vps with 10Gbps channel for $ 200.

There is also a Vario just with the cdn to work. there are terabytes worth $ 5 that is about 350-400 rubles
There is another cdn, Russian takes 250 per terabyte.

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