Where a novice coder to find the first orders for portfolio?

I am an aspiring coder, took an online course on coding, accordingly the question arose: "How to start to create a portfolio?" I understand that it is possible to find layouts and overstate them, but I want at least some money to make money. Are there any resources or companies that give simple tasks on the layout for a small payment?
Regarding the existing experience - three completed the training project ArtificialMan3000
April 19th 20 at 12:25
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April 19th 20 at 12:27
Are there any resources or companies that give simple tasks on the layout for a small payment?

No. On the market a huge number of beginner web designers that nobody needs. So your task now is to build a professional reputation and about the money yet will have to forget.
April 19th 20 at 12:29
Normal web designers not so much. But! I highly doubt that your knowledge is enough for normal layout because of the experience you have. If there are friends and acquaintances, I recommend to come up with humorous designs by yourself.
April 19th 20 at 12:31
I would recommend to start to create an own website-portfolio "I am coder".
Practice. Show it to the society, useful critique will help You not to mess with the first real customers. And then to think about the portfolio that will be able to your site and spread.

When more confident in their abilities, will be able to offer their services, specifically to show what You can do. Moreover, when You learn some, You and a steady job to find will be easier.
The company where you come with Your portfolio interesting. But the probability is 95% that is right will give you a test task at a separate table. And Your examples that You unknown time and unknown with whose help did pay indirect attention. I started ... years ago. Worked in the conditions of the sweatshop system, but had to leave due to the death of both parents within one year. Could not fully work without distractions. Went to the sales managers. And many years later this ability was useful to me, although very much has changed.

I.e. to earn a lot of money, in my opinion, you should start when you do not have to blush for their work.

Next, you can search queries such as "need website" and offer their services. And, at first, not for a pretty penny, and even for links to your website. It will greatly help you in the future. As correctly wrote above - You need experience and professionalism.

I would not recommend to start as a freelancer with no experience. You are not only that you will be dumping on and so undermined the market of services to create websites. Your service layout is unlikely to immediately be professional. one mistake - a trifle, but a bunch of stocks growing shaft hit the industry as a whole.
Intelligent customers decide not to pay money, and to make "for themselves"...

Maybe we should start with the student's wages for a trial period in a firm that will teach You standards, professionalism, interaction with colleagues? Plus a bunch of hidden things that no one on the forums in the open access puts?

Hootie to indulge - look for adventure. Hotie to make this work the basis for the development - looking for a permanent job in serious company. Perspective - help in related fields. Fact fact helped that that. will offer training. And gradually, the field will move towards:
web developer, designer, user experience designer, programmer ... anything that is in demand.
And maybe team lead will be... the mass of Options!
And who you will grow a penny picking up the orders from the half-educated that makes the TOS for the "anyhow"?

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