How to fix the price in hryvnias in Opencart with the default currency $ (regardless of course)?

There is an online store main currency, the dollar $ (for accounting and pricing), the client part displays the price in UAH at the exchange rate (set manually, changes frequently)
But! Should the retail price be fixed in UAH. That is:
"Product 1" in the course "25.0000" costs "1000 UAH (40$)"
Here the course changes, for example becomes "28.57". And I need to the product has not changed price on 1143грн (40*28.57=1142.8)
You need to price in UAH remained "1000", but the price in dollars priscillas (in this case, decreased) at the rate (1000/28.57=35.0017)
Maybe there are ready solutions, can someone tell me in what direction to look
There is a caveat: each product only 4 prices (retail/опт1/опт2/опт3) and need record only the retail, and the rest to be read by the standard formula
Thank you all in advance
April 19th 20 at 12:25
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