How long will it take to develop?

Dear friends I have a couple of theoretical questions... In connection with a huge number of the resulting free time I decided to study programming languages... To this as a hobby and was heavily involved in graphics and creating layouts of various interfaces, but now I want to do something different. Not so much for earnings, but for the soul to have a place to go in old age, so to speak)) and to create and be in charge of all this - the best feeling on earth for me...

Craving for programming languages has always been, but was not solved... still think I have not a mathematical mind, it was decided to start with "simple" PHP. I hope that I will leave jokes about the fact that PHP is not a programming language and don't tell anyone that you're a PHP programmer - for me even this language is given with great difficulty that sometimes discouraged, but a huge craving for the desire to create still makes me beat in a locked door))
Actually bought the course, I sit and watch the video repeat several times the same task is something so delayed. But the more studies, the more questions in my mind arise:
1) is it Possible to make enough exp on HTML, CSS and PHP? Without JavaScript for learning it for me is the apparent stress.
2) If not, too difficult to understand this language if you are relatively well aware of php? Alternatively, Ala googled the information you need - pasted and forgotten?
3) Here is how much time is needed to develop a good website? Not business cards, and fully automated, without the use of a ready framework, purely from scratch, if you consider the fact that the design is not a problem and timing this item is not. One, not very bystrooborachivaemy, the common man. Here Ala functionality habr'a, but not so big, of course... let's Say, at least half this functionality, of course, no mobile version, etc.

Whether to continue training or is it all illusory dreams about any project...

Like, if every day to spend 3-4 hours for how many months can this be implemented?

And yet... I just understand what to take immediately after training for a major project makes no sense, because hardly you will pull, and will have some time to develop something easier, for experience Ala online store and stuff... and this time can be six months or a year? Or how much you need, so you almost intuitively could write code... but if I can easily develop in a week a good online store with a complete zero, can I use something else or my knowledge will be limited? Very scared of this question :(

Thanks in advance for your answers and Your time spent.
April 19th 20 at 12:27
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April 19th 20 at 12:29
no answer to that question is all too individually. that one will take several hours, another will take a few days/weeks.

as for js, then create a site without it, sure. but it is better.

Now, if I can easily develop in a week a good online store with a complete zero, can I use something else or my knowledge will be limited?
that's when you can, and then ask a similar question. only then it will not be any sense or need.

therefore, Magento, other welcomers are not developed by one person and more than one year. and still there remains the car work.
Thank you for your answer)
Panic, I understand it is early) I hope that in any case, somewhere will need this knowledge, if it alone do not succeed... - Ar commented on April 19th 20 at 12:32
@Arwhy do not succeed? many sites are made by individuals.
easy somebody sawing a long with zero, someone different saws at the ready decisions.

in any case, knowledge is better than ignorance. - sofia.Murphy7 commented on April 19th 20 at 12:35
April 19th 20 at 12:31
Start with TK. Look on the Internet. Then describe each item TK is in the form of "what people see" "what happens in the system" "using technology to do it."

About JS then unfortunately you need at least at minimum levels.
On terms look like this:

A blog WordPress - 2 hours
WordPress is a new theme 2-20 days
PrestaShop - set up for minimums, pulling themes, configure plugins, gasket window - 4-6 days
Website on yii - Sale of used auto parts ~3 months. Design, private office, chat with users, rating system, admin panel, search engine, ratings and billing.
That is, the functionality that you have described the last - it is really 3 months to realize one person?
It pleases. I thought we would need a team... Thanks for the approximate timing of and method some practice! - Ar commented on April 19th 20 at 12:34
@Ar, the Difference between a Pro and you just in time and some not obvious things. If 1 person does even have its advantages.
PS timing is given from the calculation of full-time. - Julius.Jacobs85 commented on April 19th 20 at 12:37
April 19th 20 at 12:33
And why the desire is without frameworks to make a website?
If you are starting to learn php, then some laravel will make you a lot of work and make it right. And if he decides to write authentication modules, routing etc., you'll take forever.
If you with the framework to easily pull registration/authorization/other necessary items - of course, I will do it...
I don't know why I have such lousy feeling when you are ready you need something to alter, correct, add, etc.
As for me better than my own "cms" without the extra, unnecessary than ready)
Maybe it's just now think so... - Ar commented on April 19th 20 at 12:36
Although... the Ability to create a form registration and login from scratch - in my useful knowledge. So it is better to parse the language and to try to understand it than to take the ready, paste and forget... then Again, maybe it's just my idea of "right" and in reality it will be little different) - Ar commented on April 19th 20 at 12:39

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