Rust — another killer c/c++?

Recently I saw a conference on rust and there a bearded guy from Intel said that c/c++ the new Assembly which will replace the rust as well as si assembler.
For fun, I decided on the website and rust vacancies less than in assembler, and no jobs for the Junes although the above mentioned assembler language I found almost immediately a job opening for June.
If in 2015, said that the language is not Mature, that's why if he's so good, he did not become a popular language for almost 10 years?
April 19th 20 at 12:28
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April 19th 20 at 12:30
No, not the killer. Just another fashion and youth language for the young, but promising team.
April 19th 20 at 12:32
Rust better than C/C++ in many (probably almost all) aspects. But compared to C++ and especially C he's too young. The unpopularity of the language is due to the fact that the market is fully Packed with si and minuses millions of lines of code and libraries already written in C/C++. Who will rewrite it?

Also, there was no significant marketing campaign to promote Rust. I heard about this language at Moscow Conf++ Python, I thought that when talking about Rust, I mean the game.

Plus, Rust is a very niche language like C/C++. And this niche is — system or okologischen programming. Operating systems, drivers, high performance system gaming (and any other) engines, embed — that is the lot Rasta. In all of these areas is not accepted, as, for example, in JS'e to change frameworks and version of the language once a week. The community there is extremely conservative.

Besides, Rust has a very high entry threshold. That's very direct. If in the context of C++ joke about the book "learn C++ in 24 hours", in the context of Rust can make fun of books "to learn Rust in a week." Their great paradigm of zero-cost abstractions actually have a cost — the complexity of understanding. In the absence of a garbage collector and need to clean the memory will have to pay many hours of war with the compiler — namely, to borrow the Ohm checker. And that's just one problem

When you begin to understand Rust, everything is going perfectly straight. But until then will have to go through hell and Israel, which C/C++'ers do not want to go. Because they already passed it when I taught C/C++ and it was much worse.

I'd really like to Rust replaced C/C++, it is objectively better. But this is unlikely to happen in the next 10 years
Plus, Rust is a very niche language like C/C++. And this niche is — system or okologischen programming.

Yeah, but without the unsafe inserts Stretch anything the system is not able (no driver to write, no core), and with them he turns into an ugly curve clone Crosses, completely losing his only feature - secure memory, but generously vbrasyvaya pack glitches. - Sylvan.Heidenreich commented on April 19th 20 at 12:35
@Sylvan.Heidenreich, a reasonable point. However, unsafe insert are inserted only where really needed. Yes, they are frequent and the closer to the OS-driver program is, the more of them. But the cross is, in fact, if you take the whole stretch code and wrap it entirely unsafe.

However, driver age is not limited. It is quite possible to write game engines. Here's an example: RPG on the Rast. Code unsafe exactly three things:

➜ veloren git:(master) grep -R 'unsafe {' */**
voxygen's/src/mesh/ unsafe {
voxygen's/src/mesh/ darkness += unsafe {
voxygen's/src/mesh/ let col = unsafe {

Or Servo — performance browser engine in rust:

➜ servo git:(master) grep -R 'unsafe {' --include \*.rs */** | wc-l

1,250 inserts. Not too much for such amount of code and engine that is aimed at the optimization of the total

➜ servo git:(master) cloc .
 86395 text files.
 82914 unique files. 
 7433 files ignored. 1.84 v T=79.69 s (993.6 files/s, 69194.1 lines/s)
Language files blank comment code
HTML 53499 214975 92401 2205359
JSON 429 323 0 998461
JavaScript 3867 60367 83118 349053
INI 12929 141513 0 310433
Rust 1162 39237 44345 300508
Python 1570 49925 58751 191179
- Creola_Treutel33 commented on April 19th 20 at 12:38
I don't know why Rust think niche and system, but the writing on it, the application code is a pleasure. Still no JAPANESE neither before nor after the Rust has not caused me such pleasant feelings from thoughtful DX.
Besides, Rust has a very high entry threshold. Here is a direct very
I don't know... 2 weeks I have gone to the thoughtful reading of The book of Rust with the testing examples. Then somewhere in the 1st month, I rarely ran across a situation where not met liftime. But it passed quickly. The compiler really helps you, tells you how to resolve the situation, you just have to read what he writes. While it is not necessary to Google, it is all to human readable. Rust of course is not my first JAP, but the path from "I don't know the language very" to "solve language specific problems" with the Rust it took me much less time than with any other JAPANESE that I know. - Alene.Zemlak commented on April 19th 20 at 12:41
Just gonna leave this here:
I use virtually no actix actix-web and just take joy in the convenience which provides me with actix in combination with guarantees of reliability, convenience cross-platform support, ease of development that we present to myself rust! Actix over the gash already quite a lot of small applications, components, tcp/udp services.. it works on a dead video surveillance cameras, as well as in the cloud and not falling! never! uptime for more than six months to test a street surveillance camera. Only with her during this time nearly 300'000 photos uploaded in actix telegram, 6TB video recorded, periodically streaming video on p2p, every day, watching sunsets and sunrises!) I have lost all hope that it will fall and I will find a new bug in my software! The only one where I couldn't use aktiks it wasm in the browser on the client side, but maybe I missed something, I would hope that there could ever! After such a revolution in technology it is scary to write in C and even Golang) I'm a relatively weak programmer, but age and aktiks even allow me to create a product and work for the most part over the functionality. Probably without these things I would not have achieved my current results! It's just an awesome feeling when writing code is fun and you enjoy every day from the code, from his work and from working on it, from the reliability and quality of the product!
- karina.Gerlach commented on April 19th 20 at 12:44
April 19th 20 at 12:34
How many years there he has "kills"? Five? Good luck.

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