Not the active paragraph to Block the account, who faced?

Welcome comrades!
After another update WS2016 faced with the problem of lack points to Block an account in the Manage local users, just not active a line to Require a password change by the user. Noticed locked half administrator accounts and after unlocking - the item was not active
(The only thing that made the day updates, so it changed politics in the Local security Policy account lockout time to reset the lockout and the lockout duration to 12 hours)
On a different server after the upgrade, the same situation described above plus even more interesting, is missing the group remote desktop Users, although the RDP server is running and no errors she sees, but that is another issue.
In General, in what direction to dig? I am afraid that my account will be blocked, and the local admin is disabled and I can not get to the server to remove the lock. 5e995e33c3768807728409.jpeg5e996fa25ccef440635252.jpeg
April 19th 20 at 12:29
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