Please explain — the usual design layouts suitable for mobile development?

It was planned for Java to develop mobile applications for Android. The team suddenly appeared designer. to be able to draw layouts of mobile applications considering ux/ui for mobile. question - whether it will be useful to developers of mobile applications or the interface sawed through separate frameworks with ready components?
Web applications have a concept of backend (java, php, node, js ..) and the front - React, Vue, Angular ...

And mobile how? the layout will have to be cut. to compile and turn into a full-fledged frontend using React Native or what paths there are ?
April 19th 20 at 12:30
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April 19th 20 at 12:32
The short answer is: Yes, it will be useful.
Long answer: developers need to provide a sketch of the interface appearance. Graphics elements of the interface: the icons, pictures, and more. Color codes. The sizes of elements and distances between them.
The developer takes it from themselves, their frameworks, finished components or self-developed, implements.
By and large, if you the developer this is not going to give, and give only a sketch. The developer will also handle this (well, if there is no unique drawings to draw it accurately will not). But in this case, going to be more of, respectively, the result will be released later and more expensive.

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