Fixated Boot Menu how to fix it?

Hello, the model of my laptop Acer V110-15AST
Can't tell the reasons, the laptop is my aunt, and when there was a problem I was not there.
I read a lot of pages and have reviewed a lot of videos on this problem (fixated Boot Menu). Everything is standard, whichever of paragraphs does not choose going straight back. Esc, Delete, and Ctrl + Alt + Delete does not work, the option enter the Bios. Disable Secure Boot fails, Boot Mode is initially in the UEFI, when I was on Legasy Support, I get a black screen with the words in English (surprisingly) where I indicate the warnings, saying that something, that something has been changed and offer two buttons - Esc to reject the change and continue, and F12 to change the boot measurement is to use PCR if you try these two options, nothing changes. The laptop is my aunt got it for work, and there are the files you need, and you need it to... well, please, come in.
April 19th 20 at 12:36
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