The minimum set for voice recording?

Good evening! Please tell me the minimum configuration of equipment for voice recording at home. You have a PC, internal sound card ASUS Soar, microphone AT2020usb+ with the default stand.
Please tell me what you need to purchase (filters, screens, outdoor audio, a different microphone), the challenge quality (non-commercial) voice recording for podcasts, including reading literature, etc. is Recorded the voice, preferably very clean and no external noise.
Many thanks who can help!
PS as a follow-up question. Can for these purposes be handy recorder Zoom h2n or H5, in a state of "out of the box"?
April 19th 20 at 12:37
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April 19th 20 at 12:39
I would advise to listen to bloggers on YouTube, and if the sound is like, then take the same microphone as them. The sound card I would check in store before buying so that during the absence of the voices on the record were absent interference, because they believe that background noise and interference (due to bad adaptation or a bad power supply sound card) this is the main drawback.
If you are reading or talking on the go you may want to look towards the table not measurement microphones.
If your budget is limited, look at the capabilities of the software adjustments recorded sound.
In some phones with proprietary software -the recorder uses a high quality microphone system and algorithms for suppression of background noise, sometimes exceeding the quality external usb microphone.
If the room has no carpets on the walls and there is an echo, it does not hurt a couple of sheets of soundproofing pyramid foam.
Recorders are good for their portability, lack of noise due to poor nutrition(TC uses the batteries), but usually their disadvantage is a big overpayment for a small functionality.

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