Do I need to provide robots.txt all site maps?

1 answer
April 19th 20 at 12:47
1. Enough in principle to call correctly sitemap and search system with a high probability it will fly.
2. Enough to specify the main sitemap, which will links to other.

I.e. you have like all true on two counts. So I can't be bothered with the addition of all. To understand that everything is done correctly and data is taken, use Yandex.Webmaster or Google webmaster tools If there are all your sitmap, then everything is OK. If not, look for more error in the code\generator.

Yes, if you do not have these offices, or you just added sitmap, then otobrazhatsya they are not immediately. Google slightly faster, it may take several days, Yandex tightens longer, I have like the longest couple of weeks there. If not to feed the hand data.

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