How to convert a ODF spreadsheet with macros in Microsoft Excel file with XLSM extension?

I use Linux and I have a table in the format ODF, which has the support of my LibreOffice Basic macros and previously working in XLSX AND XLSX(a macro in table format XSLM LibreOffice Calc does not want to work).
I encounter compatibility issues with ODF in MS Excel macros and Excel Online to work files with working macros inside of the file to send to the cloud OneDrive to work together with them.

The table itself and the macro code in LibreOffice Basic:
REM ***** BASIC *****

Private Sub Workbook_Open
 DisplayAlerts = true
 Dim Password as String
 Password = InputBox ("Enter password:","security System")

 Select Case Password
 Case "Olyamos2020"
 MsgBox "open Dashboard",64,"security System"
 Case Else
 Close True
 End Select

End Sub

A few questions:
  • How to convert ODF to XLSM with macro migration from VBA, LibreOffice Basic inside the table to calizona worked well in MS Office(the response could not find online)?
  • Are there for this Linux and similar online tools?

Thanks in advance and programming tables until the beginning of the match;-)
April 19th 20 at 12:49

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