Is it worth it to take Xiaomi notebook pro 15.6 2017?

Hello! Own a MacBook air 13.3 2016 just over a year. Basically happy, except I was periodically falling off. Recently noticed that the 13.3 is not quite comfortable was coding and thinking about buying a 15.6 inch model. ON Proshka from Apple sorry $2.5 k bucks to throw away because the EIR copes with all my tasks. And here came across a product from the Chinese. Iron seems a good stuffed, not a bad design, and in principle like a decent product for 1K$.


1. Can I put OSX on it?) All norms will be?
2. Whether there was at somebody an experience of exploitation this miracle? Well, or maybe friend. What do you say about him?

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June 10th 19 at 16:53
2 answers
June 10th 19 at 16:55
1. You have a problem with the wifi chip (and most likely video card). But you can always put Linux (eOS for example).
2. Friend bought, so far so good, there is a slight 'stagger' keyboard, but it is not critical.
PS. He sit in the Air Mi e, is also a great car.
June 10th 19 at 16:57
And what discomfort in work? The screen is too small? If so, it is better to buy an external monitor, imho. I have a Macair 11" 2013, I went to him the external monitor took, keyboard and mouse - very handy when sitting at a table.

Xiaomi Mi - fingered so to speak, lying on the couch with him I'm not comfortable with 2 kg too much fat, but most importantly the keyboard is kind of puny kind, too soft, after Makowski Claudia strange. The touchpad is huge: -) can someone and convenient, I no, I on the touchpad or the mouse almost not working. Well, the display is not very good, brightness is not enough. And I wouldn't say that I'm spoiled by Macs...

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