How to organize an ambitious pet project (not really) and to find people?

I am a designer. Including interfaces. If you are interested in the area of UI/UX (as a designer or as a developer), you might have encountered my whining (mostly in the comments on various websites), as I am dissatisfied with all the tools for interface design.

In short - I want to build a tool. Describe in detail the reasons for his desire I am already a little tired, and will understand only those who are experiencing similar dissatisfaction with the (rest I get, if enough force, and teach them how to live)).

In short not an easy task. Probably even very time-consuming and pulls right on startup. But my motivation is not profit potential, and the solution of certain problems. So let this project be at least open Arnim and free. But maybe the people who would like to join me, do not agree with this, so I do not insist on a specific license.

There is a rough sketch of features in the format of a mind-map. The implementation plan should be equal to WIX, Tilda, Figma and maybe UXPin (not tried it myself, but praise). In terms of tools, some bombs will need to borrow from Axure, InDesign (Yes, indizayn), Illustrator. And of course there will be several splash without "plagiarism".

- I can design and no one design tool interface. I would, of course, in this part of the assistant, but the main difficulty will be to develop.

- As I can manage, but I understand that there would be I really could use tips and advice.

- Like any self-respecting designer, I do not fully understand the technology development that allows me to sculpt a complete nonsense which is impossible to implement. So here would be useful advice, what features you can lay, and which will be useless for the end user (as drawn in my design tool, it would be impossible to implement).

- You need to competently organize the architecture of this application is future-proofed - that it hurt him to modify, add, or change features to send users to new clothes, etc.

- The actual programming

- Well standard pain of our time - the legal side. Here I the full zero.

Where to go, where to go? Where to find people? Share your experience, tips, links.
June 10th 19 at 16:58
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June 10th 19 at 17:00
Not register any business, no hire and nothing to develop. Make the landing page where you describe delicious, what a miracle you offer. There do a order form with a button. Buy traffic (maximum target), and he spread links to resources where you think sit future buyers/users of your product. You can still leave a field for comments. Look in the metric of the form of the comments and how they react. If there is no interest, change something and repeat. So until then, until you understand that except you no one needs or until you see that the people in turn become your product. In the second case, bother with the team and draw an appropriate picture.
But wise counsel. I have my own idea was pozabil (no strength), but after a while realized that the truth is yours. - Dixie_Quigley commented on June 10th 19 at 17:03
Mean would you your to pull. Look at - free and beautiful. - Dixie_Quigley commented on June 10th 19 at 17:06
June 10th 19 at 17:02
1) software Development is expensive. Very.
2) Find good developers who will work for free/for a share of someone else's project out of science fiction.
3) You'll have to determine the design of any interfaces it would be, and on what platform, web/desktop.
1) therefore, it is desirable to collect enthusiasts
2) understand that it sounds fantastic, but you never know... I do not claim to supremacy, and is even ready to transfer control
3) design any interface (and how else? and what's the difference, and the program and to the designer brand anyway), on all platforms (as figma - it is available in browser, on desktop win/Mac), but there is no rigid requirement, and a normal application under wine will do, it is not important - Dixie_Quigley commented on June 10th 19 at 17:05
June 10th 19 at 17:04
1. Define what the feature set will have the first paid version, because we need to start early to start making money and pay salaries.
2. Register a domain.
3. Do some sort of site on the main domain to product information, cost, start date, etc.
4. Find a friend programmer with extensive experience in frontend javascript in particular need a good knowledge of svg and webgl might need. There is a great discussion question what technology to take, but in General depends on the feature.
5. Get him to make the application architecture and have them find other programmers who are ready to work for a share or for a salary - depending on how much you have starting capital.
6. Once ready feature set that you're ready to release the first paid version - launch website, buy targeted ads, get or write a review article for resources where designers hang out. Still need to write documentation and shoot video tutorials.
7. When new versions need to inform users and show new features, as is done by jetbrains, i.e. again a short video overview of features and documentation.
8. From a legal point of view, register and add friends of participants of the co-founders if there was such an agreement. If you worked for the money, doing something and calling yourself founder. Maybe you can take a Yip, but Yip meets all adjoining property, and OOO only share capital, which can make 10 thousand rubles(now might be a other amount have not looked).
I have a 2 and a 3 item set after 6 - Dixie_Quigley commented on June 10th 19 at 17:07
SP is not profitable right now. In such hands (OOO STS). For starters you can first beta to run (but with limited validity, so that the people protest the usefulness of the feature). The project is interesting (he thought about this:)) ), edge can join on a "voluntary basis". - Dixie_Quigley commented on June 10th 19 at 17:10
, sent an invitation to it)

no, I think you don't just immediately start the project commercially. I've been in too many startups that didn't work, which didn't have enough money, organization, etc. should begin on the enthusiasm, and when I have something tangible will appear - then introduce the economy (wages and monetization) - Dixie_Quigley commented on June 10th 19 at 17:13

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