Which books to teach the basics of mathematics and mathematics 1 course profile of the University?

All kind time of day! I am a 11th grade student of secondary school. As such, mathematics in our school there he Began to teach himself mathematics, because the occupation is really like and have a great desire to enter the faculty of applied mathematics.

The maximum is in the book I have already mastered (the book on the book are not similar, a little more than 200 pages). Faced with a weak knowledge of trigonometry and a minimum knowledge of mathematics (limits, logarithms, derivatives, Mat. analysis), all that in brackets, it's not mastered, and only the basics for this are clear.

Some explanatory material on the Internet is not found, hoped on YouTube, because most of the book with a long information to digest, but there are most of the clips below my level. From books, only core textbook for the 11th grade physics and math. schools, for me, fits great, but there is not all there is, including completely missing the TRIG, as I understand it, they are long gone.

Please advise books on trigonometry and the beginnings of higher mathematics. Can someone some advice)) I Will be happy to read all Your thoughts
June 13th 19 at 11:25
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June 13th 19 at 11:27
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June 13th 19 at 11:29
As such mathematics have no

Like this?? You have no maths, no teacher or what?

The best, in my opinion, this is a tutorial for students in higher education. Look for one in the store or library, either one is fine, there is important - all program, don't miss a thing.
I have a class historical and geographical profile, 3 hours of mathematics a week - Meta_Wintheis commented on June 13th 19 at 11:32

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