How to install UIGE the Rossreestra?

Dear friends and visitors of this site. I wish You the time of day. I ask for your help. In our organization retired system administrator, and as always happens something wrong with the computer. The bosses are not very concerned about the issue, and I would have been all before, but... this computer was a program of UIGE the Rossreestra. And now I need to put it on another PC. A maintenance agreement with the organization finished, and I know what to put it can is not that hard. Even in demo mode "because it needs to send the accumulated documents". The problem is that I'm not good at computers. only at the user level, and the SQL never met. And so to put a program can not. Could You explain to me the process of installation. Even with the new base? I will be very grateful.
June 14th 19 at 18:00
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