Weather on the site?

The site has a dark horizontal stripe (the Example can see in the header of this website where is a button "Ask a question")

It is used to indicate the topic of the page.

I'd like her background do show the weather, degrees, and background like rain / wind / sun preferably with animation.

The algorithm is this:
  1. Check whether the loaded page is fully(which would not interfere with the download);
  2. Send an Ajax request to the service and obtain a weather forecast according to the region of the query.
  3. Save it in a cookie and give a period (for example 2 hours)
  4. Change the background and figures in accordance with the weather.
  5. Once the cookies expire, repeat the algorithm.

Visit the site only to users from Russia and CIS.
1. Prompt service providing weather api free of charge and limitations?
2. Tell me where you can download backgrounds weather/ possible pictures (I would like a modern)?
And share their experiences and pitfalls of the services that You use.
June 14th 19 at 18:03

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