OPVENVPN setup in bridge mode?

Good time!
Trying to set up openvpn 11.8 on Windows server 2012R2.
Version TAP adapter 9.21.2

After installing the adapter and prescribing config, does not work to connect to the server.
The port on the router proposed.

gives error: ERRNO=31
Make screenshots and config servers.


# Create a routed IP tunnel.
dev tap
dev-node TAP0
# Specify the Protocol to connect. 
proto udp
# Specify the port on which we listen.
port 1194
# Specify that this is a TLS server. 
# Specify the path to a trusted certificate. 
ca "C:\\Program\ Files\\OpenVPN\\ssl\\ca.crt"
# Specify the path to the server certificate. 
cert "C:\\Program\ Files\\OpenVPN\\ssl\\Server.crt"
# Specify the path to the server key.
key "C:\\Program\ Files\\OpenVPN\\ssl\\Server.key"
# Specify the path to klucu of Diffie Helman
dh C:\\Program\ Files\\OpenVPN\\ssl\\dh1024.pem 
# Specify the addressing of the network. 
# Specify the encryption algorithm must be the same client/server.
cipher AES-128-CBC 
# Specify not to perechitivay key files when you restart the tunnel.
# Specify the path to the security key and set the server option to 0 
tls-auth C:\\Program\ Files\\OpenVPN\\ssl\\ta.key 0
# Allow clients to communicate inside the tunnel. 
# Specify the directory with descriptions of configurations of each of the customers.
client-config-dir C:\\Program\ Files\\OpenVPN\\ccd 
# Specify the file with a description of the networking between client and server. 
ifconfig-pool-persist C:\\Program\ Files\\OpenVPN\\ccd\\ipp.txt 
# Specifies checking for revoked certificates. 
crl-verify C:\\Program\ Files\\OpenVPN\\easy-rsa\\keys\\crl.pem 
# Specify the path to the log status. 
status C:\\Program\ Files\\OpenVPN\\log\\logopenvpn-status.log 
# Specify the path to the log.
log C:\\Program\ Files\\OpenVPN\\log\\openvpn.log 
# Specifies the MTU for the tunnel must be the same parameters client/server.
tun-mtu 1500 
# Include compression.
# Fix problems with the transfer of MTU.
# Specifies to send ping to the remote end of the tunnel after the specified n seconds, 
# if the tunnel is not transmitted any traffic.
# Specifies if over 120 seconds had not received any package
# the tunnel will be restarted.
keepalive 10 120
# Specify the logging level. 
verb 3

June 14th 19 at 18:19
2 answers
June 14th 19 at 18:21
Goal: to have the remote client connected to the server and saw LAN.
White IP is, port proposed, pinged.
June 14th 19 at 18:23
After all the ordeal with OpenVPN on Windows I installed OpenVPN on dev with Ubuntu. As it turned out it is easier, cheaper and faster. And in further completely profit - at any place dev launched, tweaked network card - and all the work of VPN server.

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