How can I link the objects and move them following the same path in SpriteKit Xcode?

Making a game in SpriteKit for IOS (2D). Need to implement rotation of objects along a closed path around the pole (carousel). At the same time rotate around the pole 4 of the object. Accordingly, we need to change the Zposition of the object approaching to the pole and from the pole, respectively. Start the object 4 simultaneously in rotation and track the position of each problematic and very cumbersome. Plus the problem arises that, while launching objects to move they do not always reach the specified position at the same time. An error of 1-2 pixels. Is there a possibility to link objects in spritekit and run them along the right path? I know that it is possible to draw an ellipse and move objects on the graph, but can't figure out how to tie them, they moved to each other in the bundle and how to track the position of the zPosition to change when you move? Is the concept of a navigation graph, but how it deployed examples on its application are not found. Prompt in what direction to seek a solution.
June 14th 19 at 18:25
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