In the Uefi Bios on the monitor appear and disappear horizontal stripes and ruffle, what to do?

Please help.
Bought a new PC: i5+ msi b250m mortar+ 1060 6gb monitor in the BIOS UEFI observed horizontal thin bands similar to interference. They disappear, then they appear of different sizes and in different places of the screen. If long is in the BIOS, the monitor is reconnected as if : goes off and again shows the HDMI connection.
In WIN 10 no interference at all, everything is OK.
HDMI wire is OK.
Monitor with the old PC works nomalno.
Was polycal TV to a New PC, in the BIOS everything is fine, no interference.
Why, then, New PC+Monitor= Interference in BIOS?
June 14th 19 at 18:49
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