Why in Firefox no longer displayed the svg at some of the css rules?

Please, if you don't know the answer to the question, still open the sample, turn on the parallax and write a review, does the svg visible in any browser. This information for me will be useful

On the page is added inline svg element to apply the plugin parallax-js (creates a parallax effect when moving the mouse).
Svg itself is enclosed in a block with a specified width and height, but has some elements that are outside the workspace, in consequence of which he is the property overflow: visible;.
For some reason in Mozilla Firefox overflow: visible; together with some css transforms that you add parallax-js svg cut down fully (it becomes invisible).

Here is an example, here in the block .wrapper around svg, which should go beyond. Can click on and see (in chrome, how it works parallax, and in firefox'e — as everything disappears), or uncomment to add a parallax-js line of css that I have copied for you :)

Windows 7, Firefox 56.0 (32 bit).
Note: prior to this I worked on another computer, there were win10 and Firefox 64-bit, but which version of stood, don't remember. Perhaps in an older version of the example would work, and perhaps I'm just a computer glitch, so leave feedback in the comments at least on how to see whether you have an example...
June 14th 19 at 18:50
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