OpenVPN which ports are used when communicating client-to-client?

Have 1 OpenVPN server and 2 clients.
To connect to the VPN server via the external IP + port 1001. The server sees all the clients, ping, as the clients see each other. The question is, if clients to the server clinging on port 1001, and on what port they see each other?
As the customers opwnvpn communicate with each other through an intermediate server?

That is, my task is to :
1. Customer No. 1 is connected on port 10010 to Client No. 2, in windows I'm using Portproxy want to send the client 1 on client 2, but a port redirect,don't know: CLIENT1(port)>Client2(10010).

PS I do not know as correctly to formulate, I hope I understand.
June 14th 19 at 18:52
1 answer
June 14th 19 at 18:54
which port clients connect unrelated topics, which ports will communicate the clients themselves.

when you connect to openvpn (with default settings) creates a separate network where you can find all the clients. all traffic goes through the server. so clients communicate with one another at the ip (and the network) that they were given openvpn server when connecting.

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