How to change the hard disk?

Hello, how to change volume serial number is clear, soft is, the registry, etc. (volumeID). But how to change the serial number of the screw? it is clear that software physical disk to reflash hemorrhagic, troubles, pain and failure)) But like to change this keygen virtual hard disk? it is very desirable to do it from under the Windows, then saw the answer that it may itself vbox to do. From under Windows only Jucati apparently?. There are prozca PB DownForce just like doing it, but it is only for 32 bit and need to do all 64. Tried hwid replacement but the odd good hike zero, or I don't end up with it sorted out. IOnworx MachineID firing the same. How to be any ideas?
June 14th 19 at 18:59

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