Should you buy Apple Pencil?

Lord, whether to buy Apple Pencil?Friend wants to design just for fun, have in stock an Ipad and some applications to draw from Adobe. Is it convenient to draw on the Ipad Apple Pencil'ohms? Under the design, he was likely referring to the painting. How's his pressure, kept pace with whether the rendering on the screen for hand? And then I had a graphics tablet, there was very little delay, but it was very noticeable and I was vybeshivaet. In General, those who managed to use the device, explain -> should I take?
June 14th 19 at 19:00
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June 14th 19 at 19:02
Delay, absolutely no, especially with the latest model of the iPad Pro, where the screen refresh rate of 120 Hz. In General in terms of feelings of credibility of the process of drawing and its proximity to the real, both "on paper" iPad Pro with a Pencil is probably the best. But you need to understand what applications you get on iOS in any case, for example from Adobe for iOS application is quite simple in functionality, the level of the desktop Photoshop or Illustrator you don't get. There are a number of apps, such as Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, Graphic, like people do, there is a related, serious and on the level. Yes, and I hope you know that the Pencil will only work with iPad Pro, iPad Air early and other you you can't paint. In one word, I would personally say so; if just for fun, then definitely iPad Pro+Pencil, to regret just do not have by far, in principle, an alternative and not worthy. If there is a question over compliance with professional desktop applications Adobe and mobile need work, then there could either use a bunch WacomIntuosPro+Laptop(Mac, Windows), or take the Microsoft Surface 5 tablet with a stylus, set the desired desktop application and work, but even on the latter Surface there are lags in the conduct of the stylus, not very noticeable, but there.

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