How to load your styles and js in the ready-made wordpress template?

Work for a firm designer vertoletikom (of my skills html css jquery) the task is to make a website directory for the selected template. And the subproblem to formulate the main village on the approved layout. Php does not understand with the admin wp admin tools faced for the first time (but that's okay I understand) but it's hard. Think how to solve the subtask, with the implementation of the main for a given layout (there are just pictures with links and beautiful effect no pointer on hover).

Q: What if I have this home set on the layout, laid out separately, and the styles and the js won't mount alone, and all will register in the same file as the "old way" is it true? Will work correctly? And how will greatly affect the download?

ps. tried to do with the help of SiteOrigin editor, not
June 14th 19 at 19:06
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June 14th 19 at 19:08
You can even choose your styles add via admin's seems to be with js same.
Correct not to do.
June 14th 19 at 19:10
scripts and styles are perfectly connected in functions.php - this and this - it could be classy/youth)
June 14th 19 at 19:12
Make differently. Create an admin page (that page). Then Settings - Reading set static home. Next, create a page template for this algorithm and connect it to the home. Everything can now connect styles and scripts for staff through the condition is_front_page and to impose home as you want
But to connect the "old way" is strongly wrong. Will work, but crooked and askew
June 14th 19 at 19:14
Colleague above wrote everything correctly, just in case, try this information submitted is deployed.

1. Safety. Before you start editing -- make a full backup, for example, using the WP All in One Migration, in order to fully recover.

2. If your site is working based on existing themes — makes sense before finalizing / making changes (creating a page with a separate template is exactly what it is) to create a child theme. This will allow a) to divide your revision and what was done b) when you update the theme the changes will not disappear) you can always disable the child theme, if something broke
Plugin to create child themes:

3. Once you have created a child theme. You need to create a new template file. For example page-main.php (the name of the file, in General, does not matter). And the main thing in this file in the first line to write . In this case, the file is interpreted as a page template in the edit interface page you have the option to choose this template

4-A. If your design never beats the main design of the website, in the file page-main.php after the first line just paste the whole layout.

4-B. If the cap and the basement are the same as on the website, then your file will look like this

<?php //Template name: the Name of your template ?>
<?php get_header(); ?>

Here can go any your layout

<?php get_footer(); ?>

For proper installation of your scripts and styles -- copy them to the folder with the theme and connect them, writing to the file functions.php your child theme as described above Eugene

5. Create a page in WordPress interface and pick the template you just created. Let's see if the result is correct-designate the home page

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