Is it possible to make this effect on text using CSS?

Good time of day.
Plz tell me, is it possible to partially change the color of the text or SVG images when overlaying them on another object (e.g. a picture).
June 14th 19 at 20:04
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June 14th 19 at 20:06
June 14th 19 at 20:08
Except that with gradients that...
Or thinking with this
See my answer - Jefferey.Carroll commented on June 14th 19 at 20:11
So the decision - Alene56 commented on June 14th 19 at 20:14
June 14th 19 at 20:10
Just to put a background gradient to the text. All.

<div class="wrap">
<img src="" alt>
<div class="text">text</div>

.wrap {
 position: relative;
img {
 margin: 50px;
.text {
 position: absolute;
 top: 0;
 left: 0;
 font-size: 75px;
 height: 75px;
 background: #999 linear-gradient(to right, #999 0, #999 50px, #fff 51px, #fff 100%) no-repeat left bottom / 100% 25px;
 -webkit-background-clip: text;
 -moz-background-clip: text;
 -o-background-clip: text;
 background-clip: text;
 color: transparent;
June 14th 19 at 20:12
maybe something in the filters there but this is akin to the experiments. The title even at pictures of the buggy :)
June 14th 19 at 20:14
It's not that. I need when overlaying on the block part of the text to change its color. - Jefferey.Carroll commented on June 14th 19 at 20:17

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