How to make prestashop the Kazakh language?

Downloaded the starter template Prestashop-a. And for a long time can not do the translation of the template into the Kazakh language. It seems everything is done correctly when imported translated and no errors.

My actions.
1. Create a new language (with the iso code `kk`, language_code `kk-KZ`). All successfully.
2. Then he took the translation which was lying on the path `app/resources/translations/ru-ru`, since no one mentioned where to get it .
3. Replace all EN-in kk-KZ. Peremennoy file names.
4. Creates a gzip archive called kk.tar.gz.
5. Import through `import tool manually`. It is NOT clear why poumolchaniyu it is a class `.hide`.
6. Get a successful alert. Click on another tool, modify a translation. Tried a theme and then enter the error `undefined index kk` or `path not found main/kk-KZ/curriences`.

Somebody stalkivalsa with this?
Thank you

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