Standard registration, login yii2?

I want to make a small app so to speak for themselves on yii2. A friend suggested that it has the authorization, the check is already out of the box. See function login as the User model. But did not see the standard registration and the documentation about it found nothing. So whether it? Just not to invent a Bicycle.
June 14th 19 at 20:21
1 answer
June 14th 19 at 20:23
but it turns out it's not out of the box, out of the box nothing? - Myles_Hoeger commented on June 14th 19 at 20:26
, here out of the box, such as it is.
But my advice is simpler plugin to use. again, installation takes less than 10 minutes. - cali.Senger99 commented on June 14th 19 at 20:29

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