How to organize the process of web development from a technological point of view?

All kind time of day! Make the industrial system on a 2 Angular + Java as backend. Initially, the project was a developer, all the parts myself. Front debaille in the console of Chrome, back debaille IDEA. There was a team, there was the complexity of group development. Involved Git. What is the actual question.

How to organize an effective debugging front of backender?

Can the IDEA means to simultaneously debug both the front and back.
If not, as usual in this case, it is a process of debugging and testing of front and Beck? Can someone using Denwer, something else. I understand that the question is more conceptual than technical, but without good organization of work to achieve project success. Thanks for the help.
June 14th 19 at 20:33
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June 14th 19 at 20:35
before you will read, less will fill, though, and Git is a big step

on the very same issue - get used to the REST API, then the front is not steamed Beck, and Beck not steamed front
June 14th 19 at 20:37
depends what difficulty look towards Agile to work on a project. This methodology emerges from the Scrum will solve the problem with the organization of team development in a small team.

About technology and there is a bunch of tools, however, it is desirable to have not Denwer, and a virtual machine with Linux, which is configured + as the production.
Developer VM (VirtualBox + Linux (e.g. Debian 8) in network settings, Bridge - stage server for testing - production
this is a low-cost structure.
The only school that I remember the wind - it's the complexity of the virtual machine connection that it was a local computer, need something extra to do (for MacOS is a plug-in Fuse which mounts the VM via ssh, for Windows, you can connect the virtual disk so)
It is desirable to tie the rollbar to ensure that all developed saw the error log with the production and rollout, you can use Jenkins.

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