Why doesn't the function call?

There are two pages: index.php and actions.php.

In the file actions.php is the following code:
<? session_start(); date_default_timezone_set('Europe/Moscow'); $getMicro = microtime(true); # a timestamp with microseconds

class actions {

 public function logoutFromSite() {

 if (($_GET['act'] == 'logout' and $_GET['reason'] == 'ds' and $_GET['next'] == '/index.php')) {
 unset($_SESSION); # Here it is clear

 include_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/modules/security/cookie.php'); # Work with Cookie 
 $cookie--->delete('s_uid'); # In fact, these lines are optional for the problems, maybe 
 $cookie->delete('a_statusHash'); #they are not needed, this is cookie

 header('Location:' . $_GET['next'] . "); # Throw on /index.php
 return true;

In the file index.php is the following code:
include_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/modules/security/actions.php'); # the Plug-in class actions

 $actions = new actions; # all good Here, problems yet
 $actions->logoutFromSite(); # Calling a single function, which is in the class actions, and we have a 500 error either immediately or when you have specified a GET-request.

I can not understand what I'm doing wrong. 500 Error, though, and make everything so..

But this code works fine:
class actions {
 public function online(){

 if(isset($_SESSION['uid'])) { echo 'ALL GOOD'; }

 return true;

Point the finger at my mistake, and better to rewrite my code to get it working.
June 14th 19 at 20:40
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June 14th 19 at 20:42
I would have to start advised to enable error reporting.
But in General I don't like the line:

Most likely a critical error it generates. Check the file that way.
Tell me this: I'm fine, no errors niiiiiiice, all the same class and so on, but var_export($SelectUserInfo); returns this:
'current_field' => NULL,
'field_count' => NULL,
'lengths' => NULL,
'num_rows' => NULL,
'type' => NULL,

The fool is clear that there is no connected database, or call need something different, help

public function getUser() {

 if(isset($_SESSION['uid'])) {

 include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/modules/bd/connect.php'); # Pluggable database

 $SelectUserInfo = $mysqli->query('SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `profile`="'.$_SESSION['uid'].'"');
 if($SelectUserInfo->num_rows !== 0){
 while($infoUser = $SelectUserInfo->fetch_array()) {
 $first_name = $infoUser['first_name'];
 $last_name = $infoUser['last_name'];
 $iswho = $infoUser['who'];
 $regid = $infoUser['id'];
 $avatar = $infoUser['photo_min'];
 $online = $infoUser['lastjoin'];
 $onlineunixtime = $infoUser['lastjoin_unixtime'];
 #$profile_id = $infoUser['profile'];

 $uid = $_SESSION['uid']; # Profile VK ['uid'] in the global array $_SESSION

 $getID = $mysqli->query('SELECT `id` FROM `users` WHERE `profile` = "'.$uid.'"')->fetch_array(); # retrieve from database user ID in the system

 $id = $getID['id']; # user ID in the system

 include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/modules/security/permissions.php'); # Definition privileges

 include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/modules/security/server.php'); # Log info and load

 $mysqli->query('UPDATE `users` SET `lastjoin`="'.date('Y. m.d H:i:s').'",
 `page`="'.$home.'" WHERE `profile`="'.$uid.'"'); # Put online coming user on the site

 } else { header('Location: /try'); }
 } else { header('Location: /actions/login'); }
 return true;
- Zachariah_Weima commented on June 14th 19 at 20:45
Yes no. With the base all right. She'll even answer it gives is correct. What makes you think something's wrong? Do
Or in the query where the error. You can see what query is generated
echo 'SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `profile`="'.$_SESSION['uid'].'"';

And to try his hands in the DB insert. Or is it still $mysqli->error look. - Giles_Luettgen18 commented on June 14th 19 at 20:48

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