Is there a plugin for Chrome that shows that I was already on this page, and highlighting links to visited pages?

Good time of day. The analysis of numerous monotonous web pages and articles, especially on the sites with the most intuitive and convenient interface (such as, reviews on I was faced with the fact that you already sometimes forget where you started. And going to another page/article, did not immediately realize that I was already on it, or that it is already open in another tab.
So, faced with the need for automated marking of visited pages in history from Chrome in some floating window, and what's even better - mark the links that lead to pages that already exist in history( not tagging links already clicked, and it marks links that are already in history, so such references are to be marked even if I didn't press).
Anyone know any plugins with similar functionality and whether they exist at all?
June 14th 19 at 20:43
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June 14th 19 at 20:45
Hello! Flipping a tape in the VC and came across Your question. I also faced the need to somehow mark the pages you've visited in order not to double-examine any material. I wrote a couple of simple open source (MIT License) extension for the browser Chromium, which allows me to partially solve this problem. I think this is an appropriate occasion to share them.

Managed Browser History
[Chrome Web Store] [GitHub]
This extension adds to your browser a special icon: History-Folder-Graphite-icon.png
When you click on it with the left mouse button (LMB), the address of the web page is recorded in the local storage expansion, and the icon color changes to red: History-Folder-Sakura-icon.png
Icon red color is an indication that the address of the web page recorded in the history of the extension. So when you visit this page icon is red that means that the web page you have visited / investigated / processed, etc.

To view the history of the extension you need to click on the extension icon with the right mouse button (RMB) and select Show Saved History..., which opens a separate web page, where the table will list all the saved addresses.

In order to remove the address of the web page from the history of the expansion you need to click RMB on the extension icon and select Delete this Page from History. After removal, when you visit this web page, the extension icon will be grey again.

The Web Page Notes
[Chrome Web Store] [GitHub]
This extension adds to your browser a special icon:
When you click on it with the LMB, a text box opens where you can write a note to the web page. The events of the text box keyup/cut/paste is save the notes in local storage.

When you visit a web page which have a sticky note icon, the extension will be as follows: note-edit-icon.png
You can again click on this icon and in the pop-up text box to edit the note.

Protection of personal data
In both extensions, all data is only stored locally and not sent anywhere. To work with local storage (localStorage) used JavaScript library web-store. Data is stored in the local storage of the extension in the clear and not encrypted.
June 14th 19 at 20:47
But if I'm looking for something on the Bulletin Board and want to mark links to ads that do not fit me?
That they would not re-visit and save time.

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