How or where to find current programmer on with++ for communication?

I am 14 years old. I enjoy programming and learn C++. Need help . Want to find current programmer that will help with training(to train don't just tell what to teach and sometimes to help of course if not difficult).
June 14th 19 at 20:43
2 answers
June 14th 19 at 20:45
You can apply, but only under two conditions:
1 you yourself have tried to solve and you don't have it
2 you have searched the solution in Google and couldn't find
Three. Under these two conditions and the Toaster will answer ;))) - chelsea13 commented on June 14th 19 at 20:48
when these two conditions do not need help in 99% of cases ;) Especially the beginner, when the questions are all typical. - Zit commented on June 14th 19 at 20:51
to another typical question still need to learn and poskripet brains, if it Crosses.
For it is said shackley... Yes, everyone knows what is said. - chelsea13 commented on June 14th 19 at 20:54
June 14th 19 at 20:47
Teach English, write code, write on the toaster.
But to constantly refer to a friend of the encoder is very bad, because when it is not you don't write properly, learn myself completely, actually.
And for the rest of the toaster. There is a good attitude, even to my novopress.

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