In chrome select does not work or works through time, in IE everything is in order. Where is the error?

There is a table
 if(trim($news['adress']) != "" && trim($news['adress']) != "-")
 echo "";
 else { echo "";}

 echo "";
 echo "<table class="live_filter" width="97%" border="1" align="center" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" bordercolorlight="gray" bordercolordark="white">
 <tr class="tableheadercat" align="center">
 <th width="3%"><p class="zagtable">№ p/p</p></th>
 <th width="24%"><p class="zagtable">full name of the author (s)</p></th>

 <th width="33%"><p class="zagtable">the name of the book</p></th> 

 <th width="5%"><p class="zagtable">Year<?php 
 $quer = "SELECT DISTINCT `year_book` FROM `book` ORDER BY `year_book` ASC";
 //Execute the query
 $kaf_q = mysql_query ( $quer );
 //In a loop fill the array of departments
 echo "<select id='digit'--><option value>---</option>";
 while ( $newb = mysql_fetch_object( $kaf_q ) ) {
 echo "<option value="$newb->year_book">$newb->year_book</option>";
 echo "";?> </p>

 <th width="6%"><p class="zagtable">Publisher</p></th> 
 <th width="8%"><p class="zagtable">Department<?php 
 $query = "SELECT `id_kaf`, `nomer_kaf` FROM `kafedry` ORDER BY `id_kaf` ASC";
 //Execute the query
 $kafl_q = mysql_query ( $query );
 //In a loop fill the array of departments
 echo "<select id='digits'--><option value>---</option>";
 while ( $newd = mysql_fetch_object( $kafl_q ) ) {
 echo "<option value="$newd->nomer_kaf">$newd->nomer_kaf</option>";
 echo "";?> </p>
 <th width="6%"><p class="zagtable">UDC</p></th>
 <th width="5%"><p class="zagtable">BBK</p></th>
 <th width="4%"><p class="zagtable">the Fretboard</p></th>
 <th width="11%"><p class="zagtable">download Link</p></th> 

<tbody id="target">

 $i = 1;
 while($news = mysql_fetch_array($new))

 $colorrow = "";

 // Fill the table with values
 echo "<tr $colorrow -->
 the <tr><td align="center" width="3%"><p>".$i++."</p></td>
 <td align="left" width="24%"><p>".$news['authors']."</p></td>

 <td align="left" width="33%"><p>".$news['book_name']."</p></td>
 <td align="center" width="5%"><p>".$news['year_book']."</p></td>
 <td align="center" width="6%"><p>".$news['izdatel']."</p></td>
 <td align="center"><p>".$news['nomer_kaf']."</p></td>
 <td align="center" width="6%"><p>".$news['UDK']."</p></td>
 <td align="center" width="5%"><p>".$news['LG']."</p></td>
 <td align="center" width="4%"><p>".$news['grif']."</p></td><td align="center" width="11%"><p class="news"><a class="news" href=".$news['adress']." target="blank">".$news['format']."</a></p></td> 
 </tr><tr><td align="center" width="11%"> <p> </p></td></tr></tbody></table>";

<script src="filterTable.v1.0.src.js"></script>
the <script>
 filterTable( document.getElementById("target"), {
 3: document.getElementById("digit"),
 5: document.getElementById("digits")


Have two drop down list to filter the table. One for the second year of publication for the Department.
In IE is working correctly in Chrome crooked. Please help. probyval
<select id="digit" onchange=" filterTable( );"> not helping.</select>
June 14th 19 at 20:48

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