Is it possible batch save from DOCX to PDF with the formatting of one button?

Hi all.

1) a Set of DOCX files to 20. All previously known names and location.
2) you Need to save them in the exact same set of PDF files. Target location -- on the same disk is known in advance.
3) the Formatting should be retained, including hyperlinks.
4) the Whole process should be run by a single action (for example, run the. bat file).
There still is a. XLSX file but it is not important here ... if the same continues, it will be a nice bonus.

The question is what is simply is, is it possible to do this and if so, approximately how much time will it take (I need it for home use, but I think I will go over the implementation of the freelance, but need to know what value to declare). If there is a ready solution -- cool. Basic programming skills I have, but not in this area.
June 14th 19 at 20:57
1 answer
June 14th 19 at 20:59

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