Certificates for a frontend developer — what to get?

Tell me, what certificates should obtain montangero? What is valued? Particularly interested to work in Europe.
June 14th 19 at 21:02
3 answers
June 14th 19 at 21:04
the best certificate for a frontend developer is his github account with cool projects. the emphasis on "cool".
June 14th 19 at 21:06
Them no one not watching in fact.
Certificates may still have value when choosing from two students.
If you have at least 2 years of experience - certificates nafig not needed.
June 14th 19 at 21:08
Everything is a right answer, I just clarify.

The best "github account with cool projects" - for a frontend developer is a github account with projects and React/Angular(2 or 4)/Vue/Knockout/ ...

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