How to implement processing of user's payment?

There is a telegram bot odnovremennoe connection to 300-500 users.

Accepts payments, via day returns 5% of the balance. The main thing - that the bot will not be given to earnings earlier than we will be able to invest and to receive revenues, i.e. no earlier than day.

I decided to implement it:
  • The bot accepts payment from the user through the enter-kassa and writes it as a request for the Deposit.
  • Twice a day the bot calculates a replenishment requisition to the balance, but only if, after their creation took at least 24 hours
  • Once a day, the bot logs x% of the total balance as a withdrawal request. Next to the written amount option No.
  • Twice a day the bot shall calculate the withdrawal request to the wallets of the users, but only if instead of the No parameter written Ok (manual approval).
To all this:
  1. The bot can regularly be switched off, which should not affect the quality of his work.
  2. Use cron to be deleted.
Any idea how to effectively do that?
June 14th 19 at 21:04

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