Yandex and treacherous image:image. How to be?

Good evening!

On their websites I use WordPress with plugin All in One SEO to optimize. Yesterday Yandex suddenly began to swear the Webmaster (Unknown tag image:image) on, probably incorrectly drawn map of the site (sitemap.xml). All due to the fact that it uses constructs of the form:


Its not like image:image. As I understand it, this is a tag Google, Yandex does not accept him. Here are 2 questions!

1) whether it is Necessary as-that to correct, or Yandex just ignores these tags and do not care. If it just skips, then why swear at them in Webmaster? Will not be any drawdown on positions?

2) has Anyone solved such a problem for the plugin All in One SEO? In the settings he has the option to turn off these image no.

Thank you!
1 answer
June 14th 19 at 21:08
Yandex is not pessimizirovat sites for image:image. So it's easiest to score on his oaths to the Webmaster.
If still itching to do something, it can be tricky to remove unnecessary tag from the site map. How to do it will find for example here:

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